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PIs and Projects

Maik Bischoff

Topic 1: Membrane cues as regulators of membrane plasticity

1A) Dynamic cell contacts as regulators of Xenopus neural crest migration

A. Borchers (homepage)

1B) Polarization of a secondary epithelium: morphogenesis of the anterior midgut in Drosophila embryos (start Oct. 2019)

J. Großhans (homepage)

1B) Eph receptor complex dynamics in epithelial morphogenesis of the kidney (end Oct. 2019)

M. Nakayama (homepage)

1C) Plasticity and function of semaphorin-plexin complexes at epithelial cell-cell contacts

T. Worzfeld (homepage)

1D) Dynamics of myoblast-specific cellular junctions during Drosophila myogenesis

S. Önel (homepage)

1E) Regulation of Actin modulators by Apelin signaling during angiogenesis

C. Helker (homepage)

Topic 2: Cytoskeletal cues as regulators of membrane plasticity

2A) New WRC interaction partners in regulating cell shape, cell adhesion and cell migration

S. Bogdan (homepage)

2B) Dynamic regulation of microtubule assembly in epithelial plasticity

R. Jacob (homepage)

2C) Regulators of actin dynamics in the directed migration of Drosophila nascent myotubes (end Oct. 2019)

R. Renkawitz- Pohl

2D) Phosphoinositide signals in the formation of actin-based protrusions

D. Oliver (homepage)

2E) The function of the actin-binding protein profilin in dynamic cell contacts between glial cells and migrating neurons

M. Rust (homepage)