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Campus Management System

Marvin, the management and information system that Marburg University uses, integrates different, formerly independently used software into one web-based IT system. In Marvin, an integrated approach of data keeping is followed. This means that the whole student life cycle including the application for study programs, registration and participation in module-based courses, exams and alumni are displayed, making the management of study-based processes easier for employees, potential students and students.

Target group

students, potential students, employees, guests, PhDs, guest students


  • Central User Account (Uni Account) as student or staff

Web forms

The roles for instructors are assigned by the course planners at the department, and the roles for examiners and substitutes are assigned by the examination offices at the department. Therefore, please only use the form for teachers/examiners in cases where the departments cannot carry out the initial assignment themselves (e.g. external persons without a university account).

  • Support and Help

    Instructions for using TAN Token

    If you have any questions about your studies, please contact the Studifon, Tel. 06421 28 – 22222.
    If you have questions about the content of courses or examinations, the contact persons in the department will be happy to help.
    For technical questions, you can contact the Marvin team at .

    Please state your account and the subject in the subject line of your enquiry.
    If you give further details, such as the course or exam number, a problem can be solved more quickly.

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  • Worth Knowing

    The integrated Campus Management (iCM) is subdivided into modules i.e. relevant functional areas which were and still are successively implemented in the context of project iCM.

    The following sections are included:

    1. Application and Admission Management -> Software Modules APP and STU
    - Application, selection and admission process
    - Creation and provision of notifications and reports

    2. Student Management -> Software Module STU
    - Enrollment
    - Re-enrollment procedure
    - Change of course or subject
    - Creation and provision of notifications and reports
    - De-registration

    3. Course Management -> Software Module EXA

    - Recording of module manuals
    - Structures of examination regulations

    4. Course Management -> Software Module EXA
    - Planning of courses and registration in the course catalogue
    (including room booking, booking requests)
    - Registration procedure for courses including admission and space assignment

    5. Exam Management -> Software Module EXA

    - Planning and procedure of exams
     (including room booking, grade registration)
    - Exam registration and de-registration
    - Creating of certificates and grade transcripts

    6. Doctoral Student Management -> Software Module DOC
    - Registering as a doctoral student
    - Managing and registering applications
    - Creating doctoral degree regulations
    - Reports

    7. Sections of Student Advisory Service
    - Study management advisory service (concerning the above mentioned processes)
    - Standardized provision of advisory-based study information in the internet
    - Prospective student and event management