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Digital Learning Environment

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Classroom teaching carried out at the Philipps-Universität is extended in virtual space by various digital offerings, which form the digital learning environment. It particularly includes the central learning platform ILIAS, which combines important organizational, communicative, collaborative and didactic functions as well as versatile e-learning tools in a consistent digital learning environment.

This environment is enhanced by the ILIAS app Pegasus for mobile access and the connection to the iCM system MARVIN in order to simplify the organization of teaching. Additionally, ILIAS provides virtual classrooms with the web-based video conferencing system Adobe Connect.

When it comes to the self-organization of students and teachers, ILIAS also allows for the independent creation and administration of groups to organize self-learning phases and to provide further support for teaching administration processes. A separate workspace enables the collaboration with external cooperation partners.

Your benefit

  • Consistent, digital learning environment with many tools and functions to support classroom teaching
  • Extensive course and group management
  • Diverse communication and cooperation possibilities
  • Integrated authoring tools for the creation of learning content
  • Simplified teaching organization through an interface to MARVIN
  • Mobile access via tablet or smartphone
  • No limitation to a specific didactic learning model, flexibly adaptable to your own needs

Target group and requirements

Lecturers, students, staff, guests

  • Central user account (Uni Account)
  • Current web browser
  • A modern device with Android or iOS is required to use the mobile app

For external persons who, for sufficient reasons, should participate in internal ILIAS courses, separate ILIAS accounts for external course participants can be applied for.


  • Support and Help

    If you have any questions about application possibilities and usage or need advice, please contact or the Helpdesk at 06421-28-28282 (Mon-Fri 8-18 hrs).

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  • Worth knowing

    The learning platform ILIAS is a free and open source software for web-based teaching, learning and working. The name ILIAS stands for the abbreviation for Integrated Learning, Information and Work Cooperation System. ILIAS has been used at the Philipps University since the summer semester 2003. Initially operated in version 2, various updates of the learning platform were performed. Since the winter semester 2019/20 it has been at version 5.3. The conceptual and strategic development is carried out by ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V., in which the Philipps-Universität as a member is actively involved in the development process along with many other schools, universities and further institutions.

    The learning platform k-MED is an ILIAS-based web application for life sciences. It is a cooperatively offered by both the University of Gießen and Marburg. The platform as such is operated by the University Computer Center in Gießen, but is available to students and lecturers of both university locations.

    Interface to the Campus Management System MARVIN
    In the winter semester 2018/19, ILIAS was connected to the campus management system MARVIN via interface. Both systems serve different, clearly defined tasks and purposes. A replacement of one of the systems is explicitly not intended. The connection was realized via a middleware especially developed by the experienced ILIAS developer Databay AG and the implementation of an e-learning community server.

    Protection of personal data
    For ILIAS a data protection concept according to §4 of the statutes for the protection of personal data in the multimedia use of e-learning methods was agreed upon.

    IT development and support
    All systems associated with the digital learning environment are constantly developed, both conceptually and at the server, software and interface level. It is also supplemented with new functions and tools. Should you wish for certain developments or have identified any errors, please do not hesitate to contact us.