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E-exams in the Central Medical Library (ZMB)
Foto: Martin Klehr
E-exams in the Central Medical Library (ZMB)

E-exams are in-person exams that take place in a PC room and are automatically evaluated by an examination system. The e-exam service advises lecturers on how to create them and supports them in the examination process.

Your benefits

  • Automatic correction of closed question types (e.g. single choice, multiple choice): time saving, very fast publication of exam results, high evaluation objectivity
  • Simple subsequent correction and evaluation of partially open question types (e.g. cloze questions)
  • Better readability of answers to open essay and free text questions
  • Integration of media (e.g. pictures, videos) in high quality
  • Organization of questions in question pools, cooperative processing, evaluation of question quality (e.g. item difficulty), easy reusability of questions
  • Application-oriented testing, e.g. through software testing
  • Simplified organization, e.g. by assigning different versions of examinations to different (parallel) examinee groups

Target group

Teaching staff


  • Internet Account (Staff)
  • Participating students need access to their mailbox (Students Account)



(Due to limited room capacities, we recommend you to register for e-exams as early as possible, e.g. in the summer semester for the following winter semester).