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Long-Term Data Storage (Archive Service)

The University Computer Center provides magnetic tapes for long-term data storage. In order to use these and transfer data to the archive server, it is necessary to install additional software on the computer that holds the data in question. You can choose different storage periods in discrete steps. After you stored the data, you can but don’t have to delete it from the original source, it is going to be stored for the time until expiration. Keep in mind that you won’t receive a notification when your storage period expires and your data is deleted. Data must be stored by the user, as this is not done automatically.

Target group



Central User Account (Staff Account) and/or Workstation Account (AD Account)


In operation



  • Software Installation

    Software installation always must be carried out as an administrator in Windows or as a Superuser (root) in Linux/ Mac OS!

  • Connection Types of the Archive Server

    Type in the following values in the configuration files dsm.sys (only Linux/MacOS) and dsm.opt to establish a connection to the archive server ISPSRV21:

    Server name: ISPSRV21
    TCPPort: 1521

  • Storage Periods

    Archived data is not deleted by default. Eventually, every user is responsible for deleting his/ her own stored data.
    In most cases, it is more reasonable to preset an expiration date for the archived data. There are different management classes to do so. Choose one of the following storage durations: 1 year (MC_01_Y), 4 years (MC_04_Y) 12 years (MC_12_y), 30 years (MC_30_Y). In case the default setting (MC_4EVER) is kept, the data won’t be deleted.

    Management classes (archmc) Storage period
    MC_01_Y 1 year
    MC_04_Y 4 years
    MC_12_Y 12 years
    MC_30_Y 30 years
    MC_4EVER > 30 years (default)

    If you want to choose a certain storage duration, you have to specify the management class as a value for the option -archmc when opening the program.

    # dsmc archive –archmc=MC_12_Y c:\plan\proj1\budget.jan\*

  • Original Documentation by IBM

    The original documentation by IBM for the software is very substantial and describes it in detail. In case you have any question, please consult this documentation.