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To write emails, you can use the University Computer Center's webmail service, which allows you to access your mailbox from anywhere with your central user account. In addition to writing emails, Webmail offers calendar functions and a personal address book.

If you use a mail program such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail or similar, you can add your email account to it, see

Target group

Students, staff, guest students


Central User Account (Uni Account) with email authorization



  • Support and help

    You can reach the email team via .

    Please include a meaningful topic in the subject line of your request.

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  • Worth knowing

    Incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses and spam and if necessary rejected or sorted into a separate 'spam' folder from which they are automatically deleted after a few days.

    Despite this filter, please be careful: fraudulent emails are still in circulation, asking you to disclose your access data (username, email address, password) via email or an external website.

    Please do not react to such emails (phishing emails).

    Disclosing your access data may have considerable consequences for all users of the University of Marburg, especially the general refusal of mail reception by other mail operators. The University Computer Center and its employees will not ask you to disclose your access data or password at any time, neither personally, nor by telephone or email.