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Media Technology

The University Computer Center advises and supports faculties and institutions of the Philipps-Universität with the multimedia equipment of lecture halls and seminar rooms with audio and video presentation technology and microphones. This includes the selection, installation and configuration, commissioning, troubleshooting as well as maintenance and service of the equipment and components. The aim is to standardize multimedia equipment in order to make it easier for presenters to use multimedia technology and to be able to carry out fast, high-quality troubleshooting.

The University Computer Center has developed different equipment variants for the different requirements and room sizes. These variants are adapted to the conditions on site and can be extended, if necessary.

Basically, it is distinguished between the equipment variants for small lecture halls and seminar rooms, small and medium-sized lecture halls and seminar rooms with demo PC and large lecture halls and seminar rooms with demo PC and microphone system. The University Computer Center has prepared equipment recommendations for these configurations, which can be found in detail in the side menu.

Target group



To use the demo PCs: Central User Account (student or staff account) or Workstation Account (AD Account)


Video tutorial

Media control (01:20 min) (GER)

Brief instruction

Erklärung Bedienfeld zur Steuerung der Medientechnik

  1. Switch on main switch
  2. Switch on beamer
  3. Select source
  4. Switch on loudspeaker for audio playback if necessary

Switch off the system:

  1. Shut down the PC
  2. Switch off the loudspeaker if necessary
  3. Switch off beamer
  4. Main switch off