Film Screening "The White Line" and Subsequent Discussion

European premiere of the film "The White Line" about a love story between a Black woman and a White man during Apartheid in Namibia and subsequent discussion with director Desiree Kahikopo


28. February 2020 19:30

Capitol, Biegenstraße

Story: Sylvia Kamutjemo a young woman working as a domestic worker, is pregnant and separated from the love of her life by an invisible white line that will divide an already divided country. Pieter de Wet, an Afrikaner police officer, is conflicted between his sense of duty to his job, race and the love of his life, Sylvia.

A White man and a Black woman holding each other tight
Photo: Desiree Kahikopo

They are forced to make difficult choices that will have ripple effects on the future of their unborn child, Godfried Jr. Years later, having to pick-up the pieces of his mother’s shattered life, Godfried Jr, Sylvia’s son, sets out to find a father he never knew with the hope of giving his mother a chance to make peace with her past.
"The White Line" is a riveting untold love story between a man and woman who do not see race and colour, subconsciously going against society’s norms and find solace in love in an era where love was restricted to you only loving your kind.
"The White Line" will shed light on the untold love stories during Apartheid putting in motion what is predominantly now the new Namibia.

For more insights into the film, please, watch the trailer.

Director and producer Desiree Kahikopo is an upcoming playwright and emerging filmmaker. Her participation in the Namibian arts scene spans over 12 years. She wrote, directed and produced a theatre play titled "A Lifetime of Blues" that won best set design at the Namibian Film and Theatre awards in 2014. She worked on countless film production sets including "Fish Out Water" as a Line Producer. Desiree was recently invited to be part of Talents Durban as an emerging filmmaker in Africa representing Namibia.

The film screening and the subsequent dicussion will be held in English.

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International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials (ICWC) & Institute for European Ethnology/Cultural Studies