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Information on university education for refugees and asylum seekers

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If you are a refugee or asylum seeker and interested in a degree program at Philipps-Universität Marburg, you have to fulfill the same admission requirements as applicants from abroad.

  • Admission requirements for a degree program

    Depending on factors such as the field of study and your scholastic and academic qualifications, the admission requirements for a bachelor or master program will vary. Overall, the requirements involve the following points:

    ·        University entrance qualification

    ·        Previous studies in your home country

    ·        Sufficient language skills

    The International Office provides detailed Information on applications and admissions.

  • University entrance qualification via Studienkolleg

    If you have not studied at a university before and your school-leaving certificate does not entitle you to study at a university in Germany, you have the option of completing specialized coursework at a Studienkolleg, thereby earning the university entrance qualification.

    The Studienkolleg will provide information about prerequisites to participate and the contents of the specialized courses.

  • German language courses

    If your German language skills are not sufficient to start a degree program in Germany, you can improve them by taking a preparatory language course. The Studienkolleg Mittelhessen offers languages courses from level A1.2 through level B1/B2, as well as preparation for the German Language Test (DSH).

    The Studienkolleg provides information about preparatory language courses and required placement tests

  • Information about residency permits

    Before applying, you will have to check whether you have resident status in Germany (e.g. permit, suspension of deportation, residency document) or whether you can obtain it, and whether you are permitted to live in Marburg as the place of study. In either case, contact the government agency responsible for you, and note that student status may also have an impact on how you finance your living costs.