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Think & Drink

Think&Drink is an interdisciplinary and self-organized colloquium by and for doctoral candidates at Philipps-Universität Marburg. Here, doctoral candidates from all disciplines present their research and doctoral projects in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange ideas about them with other doctoral candidates. You are all cordially invited to participate as speakers and audience members!

Would you like to present? 
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  • How does Think&Drink work?

    Think & Drink is explicitly not a scientific or academic colloquium. Here, you do not have to convince a committee of professors about the quality of your project; instead, you will be speaking exclusively to other doctoral candidates. It is completely up to you how to structure your presentation. You are not expected to present scientific results or a finished research design. You can also talk about problems with your doctorate that you would rather not share with your advisers, or you can tell listeners what excites you about your topic. We ask that you follow only two rules.

    First, presentations should not exceed 20 minutes to allow enough time for questions and discussion.
    Please bear in mind that you are speaking to an audience of doctoral candidates from all disciplines. Formulate your presentations so that any doctoral candidate can understand you – whether you are a physicist, cultural anthropologist, lawyer or medical doctor.

    Previous presentations have been guided by questions such as the following:

    What am I researching as a part of my doctorate and why am I enthusiastic about this topic in particular?
    What problems (scientific or otherwise) have I had to contend with so far?
    On what issues am I seeking input from other doctoral candidates?

    I want to present at Think & Drink; what do I need to do?

    Just send an e-mail to . We’ll get in touch and clarify everything else.

  • When do we meet?

    The Think & Drink Colloquium usually takes place on wednesdays once a month at 6pm in the vaulted cellar of the Market (Markt 1, 35037 Marburg). From about 7pm onward, the colloquium transitions smoothly into the Doctoral Candidates’ Regulars’ Table (Promovierenden-Stammtisch), which meets at the same location.
  • Future lectures

    You can find all the fixed dates here.

  • Past lectures 

    23 April 2024

    Anna Sieber (Educational sciences): Research on living arrangements for people with disability
    Ruben Bieker (Social and historical sciences/TU Darmstadt): Multilingualism and effort - an economic-dynamic perspective on language learning and maintenance

    12 March 2024

    Timo Felkel (Protestant Theology): The fall of Byzantium
    Pratiti Rout (Medicine/Biology): Mitoverse: Multiverse of Mitochondria

    13 December 2023

    Lara Heidrich (Physics): Physics meets pharmaceutics: of invisible rays and vibrating crystals
    Giovanbattista Andreoli (Psychology): Understanding and improving our mental health through a network perspective

    11 March 2020

    Phillip Bengel (Geography): Smart Technology Meets the Forest – Interdisciplinary Learning on the SENSO Trail.
    Jochen Taiber (Physics): Between Electronics and Photonics: Terahertz Spectroscopy – is it useful?

    12 February 2020

    Tobias Römer (Law): Foundations of a “Completion Strategy for Situations” at the International Criminal Court

    15 January 2020

    Nicolai Bülte (Law): Cultural Relativism in International Criminal Law
    Igor Martin (Chemistry): Chemistry of Superbases – Doctoral Studies in Inorganic Chemistry

    13 March 2019

    Andrea Jaramillo (Social Studies): Local Practices of Collective Reincorporation of Ex-Combatants in Colombia
    Felix Sternke (Psychology): There’s a Noise inside My Head: Will It Help Me? Can White Noise Help Alleviate ADHD Symptomatology?

    13 February 2019
    Nils Vief (Political Science): Is Facebook Breaking Democracy?
    Malte Sachs (Chemistry): Crystal Structure Determinations – A Case for the Crystal Ball
  • Who organizes Think&Drink, and how did it come about?

    The Think & Drink colloquium is currently organized by three doctoral students from different disciplines:

    Karsten Zolna
    Jochen Taiber
    Anna Sieber

    The first idea came during the first interdisciplinary doctoral candidates meeting in November 2018. There, we had a realization that was surprising to us: Although we come from very different disciplinary backgrounds, we all contend with very similar problems and have more things in common than we had previously assumed. In other words: doctoral candidates from chemistry, psychology and law can also help political scientists with their doctorates, and vice versa. This is how we came up with the idea of founding an interdisciplinary colloquium – organized by doctoral candidates at Philipps-Universität Marburg, for doctoral candidates at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. The basic idea was to create a format that is as low-threshold as possible in a relaxed atmosphere. This is why we meet outside the university over drinks and not in a seminar room.