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Courses and Subjects

After successfully applying for and passing the application test, you will be able to start in your specialized module (labeled “G,” “M,” “T,” or “W”) depending on what program you want to pursue, and then you will be registered as a student at a university in Central Hesse.

Courses are held in lecture halls and seminar rooms at Philipps University Marburg and the University of Applied Sciences Central Hessen in Giessen. In general, “M” and “T” modules are held at the University of Applied Sciences Central Hesse in Giessen, but locations will be decided closer to the start dates for “W” and “G” modules.

Tuition in specialized modules at the Studienkolleg generally takes one year (= two semesters). After successfully completing the first semester at the Studienkolleg, students will be advanced to the second semester courses. You will have the option of repeating the first semester if your knowledge is not yet sufficient to take second semester courses. The assessment examination will be administered at the end of the second semester. If you don’t pass this examination, you can repeat the second semester. You can repeat each semester only once. Study applicants with good prior knowledge can take the assessment examination after one semester.

As a student at the Studienkolleg, you will be required to attend all coursework and take regular (written and oral) quizzes and tests.