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Application for a first semester in an undergraduate study program with a foreign school leaving certificate [video]

Most people who obtained their school leaving certificate (which enables them to study in a university in their home country) have to apply via uni-assist. However, there are some exceptions:

Who does not have to apply via uni-assist?

If you already know that you must attend the classes of a Studienkolleg before you can begin your studies, or if you would like to be enrolled for German language classes before your studies, you still have to apply for the subject that you would like to study later on. Uni-assist evaluates your application and then forwards it to the Philipps-Universität Marburg if you meet our requirements.


Application Deadlines

Please submit your completed application before the application deadline. Otherwise, it will not be considered. You can find a list of the documents needed below (4) "Sending the documents to uni-assist"). We recommend that you send the documents about six weeks prior to the end of the deadline, so there will still be some time for queries.

Application deadlines for our undergraduate study programs (application via uni-assist)

Restricted study programs (NC):

  • Summer semester: November 1st until January 15th
  • Winter semester: May 1st until July 15th

Non-restricted study programs:

  • Summer semester: November 1st until February 15th
  • Winter semester: May 1st until August 15th

Application deadlines for those who have to pass the “Feststellungsprüfung” (assessment examination) at the Studienkolleg (application via uni-assist)

  • Summer semester: September 1st until October 15th
  • Winter semester: March 1st until April 15th


4 steps for your application via uni-assist

  1. Create an online application
  2. Online application
    • Answer the basic questions, choose a study program and create an application.
    • Please submit your application form electronically.
    • Afterwards, you have to print and sign the application form. If you would like to apply for several study subjects, you have to print and sign the form for each of them.
  3. Paying the handling fees
    • The handling fees for an application via uni-assist equal €75.00 for the first university. The fees for each additional application within the same semester are €30.00.
    • You can find information about transferring the handling fees here:
  4. Sending the application to uni-assist

Please send your documents to this address: Philipps-Universität Marburg, c/o UNI-ASSIST e. V., Geneststr. 5, 10829 Berlin


The following documents should be included in your application:

  • The signed application form for the study subject that you would like to study
  • Your school leaving certificate, which enables you to study in your home country. If you already started a study program in your home country, please add certificates or transcripts that you have received so far (
  • Evidence of your proficiency in German
  • Evidence of your proficiency of other languages and skills, if this is required for your desired study program (Please have a look at the website of the study program)
  • A copy of your passport
  • Documentation of your payment of the handling fees (see step 3)

School leaving certificates, overviews of grades and other certificates have to be handed in as officially authenticated copies. We accept documents in German or English language. Documents written in other languages have to be translated by a sworn translator.


What happens after I have applied via uni-assist?

  • The evaluation of your documents may take up to six weeks. The current processing times by uni-assist are published here:
  • If you fulfill all formal requirements, uni-assist will forward your application to us. Uni-assist informs you about this step via e-mail.
  • After uni-assist has forwarded your application, you will receive a letter of admission with further information or a letter of rejection from the University of Marburg.
  • With a letter of admission you can request a visa. Some embassies also accept the e-mail from uni-assist, confirming your application.
  • If you do not meet the formal requirements, you will also get an e-mail from uni-assist. Uni-assist cannot send your documents back. You may apply again for the next semester.
  • If you receive a letter of admission from the University of Marburg, but do not enroll, you have to reapply via uni-assist for the next semester.  



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