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Application for a Master's program - first semester

Have you completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited university in Germany or abroad and would like to apply for a Master's program at the University of Marburg? Then please first inform yourself about the admission type and the language of instruction of the desired program with the help of the degree program website.

Here we will explain to you how to apply online for a Master's program via “My assist”.

1. The online application procedure in four steps

Step 1: Set up an account

  • Register via My assist or log in with an existing account.

Step 2: Online application

  • First, please enter your application information and your educational history.
  • Select the University of Marburg and the desired semester under "Semester offers". Specify your program preferences (maximum of 3 applications to the University of Marburg) and answer the corresponding questions.

Step 3: Pay

Application with a degree from Germany

  • If you have obtained your degree in Germany, you do not have to pay any fees.
  • Nevertheless, submit the application by clicking on the button "Proceed to checkout" and "Payment process".

Application with a degree from abroad

  • If you have acquired your degree abroad, you have to cover the costs of the application.
  • The first application at My assist costs 75€. Each further application costs 30€. The total amount must be paid in order for your application to be considered.
  • You can find the payment details of My assist and further information about payments on the website “Payment options”.
  • Important: Please upload the proof of payment of the processing fee to My assist.

Step 4: Upload application documents

  • My assist enables you to submit a paperless online application. It is not necessary to send the application documents by post.
  • You can use the upload function to digitally submit all documents. A signature under the application is not required.
  • Please upload the required documents as PDF files under "My applications" to My assist. You can find out which documents are required from you on the respective degree program website.

Special considerations for degrees from abroad

  • Your transcripts, grade reports, and/or certificates must also be uploaded as a translation in German or English by a sworn translator. We also accept documents in English without translation.
  • Attention: Please also note the information on translations and the country-specific information for applications on My assist.
  • Important information for applicants with a degree from India: Starting with the winter semester 2023/2024, you will need an APS certificate as a mandatory application document. For more information, please visit the website of the Academic Evaluation Center Delhi and the website of uni-assist. If you are already in Germany and have a student visa, you do not need an APS certificate.
  • Please note that only application documents that have been uploaded completely and on time via the upload function to My assist can be considered. Please do not send application documents directly to the University of Marburg. In general, the submission of documents after the deadline is not possible.

For information on current application deadlines, please see out deadline overview.


2. Documents to be submitted

  • The university diploma/certificate

    • This document proves the successful completion of your undergraduate degree program.
    • If you are not sure whether the content and subject matter of your university degree matches your desired Master's program, please contact the relevant student advisor.

    What should I do if I have not yet completed my undergraduate program?

    • Oftentimes your university degree certificate is not available by the application deadline. In this case, you can apply with a preliminary transcript of records that includes an average grade based on at least 80% of the credit points required for the degree.
    • If accepted, you will then only be provisionally enrolled.
    • You must complete the outstanding credits before the start of the Master's program (deadlines: 31.03. for the start of the Master's program in the summer semester or 30.09. for the start of the Master's program in the winter semester).
    • With your university diploma/certificate, you can prove after enrollment that you completed your undergraduate degree in time.
    • If accepted, you will be informed of the deadline for submission of your university diploma/certificate in the acceptance letter. Generally the deadline for submission is in June if you start in the summer semester and in December if you start in the winter semester.
    • Note to Marburg graduates: Please make sure that your transcript of records shows the average grade and the applied grading system (total grade calculation)! You can download the complete transcript of records yourself after logging into Marvin via the menu "My Studies" > "My Achievements". Alternatively, you can find the total grade calculation in the study and examination regulations of your degree program.

    Special considerations if you have a degree from abroad:

    • Please check whether your university is recognized in Germany (status: H+) and whether your degree is equivalent to the undergraduate degree programs offered in Germany. You can find the relevant information on the Anabin website.

  • The transcript of records

    • This document serves as proof of the material covered within your undergraduate program.
    • If there is no transcript of records in your university system, please send us a comparable document listing the content of your studies.

  • Proof of knowledge and skills specific to your desired degree program (if required)

    • In most cases, this is proof of language skills. You can find out how to provide proof of your language skills on our Language Requirements website.
    • Proof of other program-specific knowledge and skills is provided in the form of the relevant corresponding certificates.

  • Documents for the EAP (if required)

    • For degree programs with an Eligibility Assessment Procedure, additional documents are required (e.g. curriculum vitae, letter of motivation). For more information, please refer to the corresponding degree program website.

  • Proof of German language skills

    • Proof of German language skills is not required, if you have a German school leaving certificate or a university degree from Germany with German as the language of instruction.
    • For all other applicants more information on the required German language skills and the possibility of conditional admission, can be found on our Required German skills website.


3. What happens after the application?

  • Does everything look alright? Please double-check your application with the help of the My assist checklist.
  • The current average processing time can be found on the My assist website. Generally this is up to six weeks.
  • If your application is complete and received on time, My assist will forward your application to us. You will then be sent a confirmation. If your application cannot be forwarded to us, you will also be informed. Therefore, please regularly check your email inbox and your mailbox in My assist.
  • If your application could be forwarded to us, the relevant department will check whether the content of your application meets the admission criteria. If you are applying for a restricted-admission (NC – numerus clauses) program, you must also wait for the NC procedure.
  • The planned timeframe for the sending of acceptance/rejection notices for restricted-admission programs is mid to late August for the winter semester and mid to late February for the summer semester. In the case of degree programs with open admission, you will receive the notification directly after your application is evaluated. The notification is sent digitally. Therefore, please make sure that your email address is correct and that you regularly check your email inbox (including your spam folder).
  • Please note that for enrollment, a certified copy of the previously uploaded transcript documents must be submitted to the Master's Office together with the documents for enrollment.

4. Help with questions

For questions about the online application or technical questions, please use the My assist contact form.

For general questions about the application process, please contact and include your application number (if available).

For questions regarding the content of the degree or regarding your academic eligibility, please contact the relevant academic advisor. You will find the contact data on your study program's website.