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Eligibility assessment process - Biomedical Science / Humanbiologie (MS)

Documents to be submitted

The following documents and certifications are required for participation in the eligibility assessment process:

  • Application for admission (online application of the online application portal)
    Indication of the planned choice of major topic is required in the application. This indication is non-binding. A binding major topic selection will take place during the program.
  • Certification of a completed first qualifying university degree or an at least equivalent domestic or foreign university degree
  • Certification(s) of personal academic additional qualification:
    a. Professional experience in the field of Biomedical Science (training or employment certification) or
    b. A professional internship in the field of infection biology, tumor biology or cell biology (minimum scope of 8 weeks, only in addition to study performance) or
    c. Extension module(s) in the field of infection biology, tumor biology or cell biology with a minimum scope of 9 CP, or multiple modules assignable to the subject in corresponding total scope

The applicant must allocate the certifications to the subjects of infection biology, tumor biology or cellular biology. Multiple designation is possible.

Selection interview

Those who have submitted a complete application on time and in proper form and have certified the personal academic additional qualification will be invited to a selection interview with a duration of approx. 20 minutes, based on the motivation and suitability of the applicant. The selection interviews are normally held on two dates. The first date is at the end of May / early June and the second is in the period between August 20th and 30th. The precise date and location are disclosed within an appropriate time period before starting the selection interviews. Applicants are invited to the selection interview in a timely fashion. The selection interview can also be performed as a video conference in justified cases of exception, such as a stay abroad. 

Criteria for personal academic suitability

The selection interview is evaluated based on the following parameters:

  • Presentation of interest by the applicant (up to 3 points)
  • Examination of existing discipline-specific knowledge (up to 3 points)
  • Brief presentation of the bachelor's thesis by the applicant in either the German or English language according to the parameters a) clarity and rigor of the presentation (up to 3 points), b) classification in the state of current knowledge (up to 3 points), c) open questions and possible further development of the topic (up to 3 points)

The selection interview is evaluated with 0 to 15 points. Each parameter can be evaluated with up to 3 points by each committee member. The determination of the overall impression that results from the comprehensive view of the parameters indicated under par. 2 is pivotal in evaluating the selection interview. The evaluations of the members of the eligibility assessment committee are arithmetically averaged. Applicants who achieve more than 12 points in the selection interview are considered suitable. 

Application & Deadline

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