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Eligibility assessment process - Concepts of Fine Arts (MA)

Stage 1: Portfolio evaluation

Selection based on portfolio of 15 to 20 artistic samples (file upload in online application portal)

The portfolio is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The capability for artistic, conceptual thought
  • The technical artistic quality of the work in the selected artistic media
  • The aesthetic intensity of the samples

If the portfolio is evaluated with at least 5.0 points, the applicant is invited to the selection interview.

Stage 2: Selection interview

The selection interview is intended to reveal whether an artistic or design position can be expected within the course of the program length of four semesters.

15-20 originals, primarily from the portfolio (step 1), should be brought to the selection interview. Larger works can also be documented by meaningful reproductions, which are added to the 15-20 original works. In total, the number of reproductions should not exceed one third of the work samples.

The selection interview is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The revision of the portfolio evaluation based on the originals
  • The reflectivity of artistic processes and subject matter
  • The disciplinary and personal suitability and the expctations with respect to the objectives of the program according to § 2 Masterordnung

If the selection interview is evaluated with at least 5.0 points, the applicant is admitted to the Master’s program Bildende Kunst – Künstlerische Konzeptionen/Concepts of Fine Arts.

Documents to be submitted

  • Application for admission (online application of the online application portal)
  • Certification of the first, undergraduate university degree. If this is not available, a Transcript of Records on the basis of at least 80% of the credit points necessary for the degree can alternatively be submitted. 
  • The Transcript of Records for determining your previous course contents
  • Portfolio and work samples according to step 1 and step 2, as applicable
  • Signed, written statement of authorship and personal creation of the submitted artistic work samples.
  • Tabular resume with specification of publications and exhibitions, as applicable.
  • Foreign applicants must also certify German skills (DSH 1)
  • In addition, a project outline must be submitted that describes the plan to be implemented during the course of study. The media form of the project outline can be freely chosen. Text components should not be longer than three pages.

Application & Deadline

Application for a master's program

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