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Eligibility assessment process - Speech Science (Speech Science / Phonetics)

Application notice: The next suitability examinations for the MA in Speech Science will be held until 17 March! Therefore, please register for your participation as soon as possible by email to You will then receive more information about the futher procedure.

Documents to be submitted for the selection process

The following documents and certifications are required for participation in the eligibility assessment process:

  • Registration for the selection process with Department 09, field of Speech Science and Phonetics
  • Specialized phoniatric voice and hearing report which certifies suitability for a speech and listening-intensive program.
  • Transcript of records, which documents previous academic  performance (courses and modules attended, ECTS credits, grades) according to a European standard (alternatively, a comparable document).
  • Standard format resume

Eligibility assessment process sequence

The examination takes 30 minutes. It consists of:

  • A subject-oriented discussion of interest (max. 15 min.),
  • the presentation of a lyrical text of your choice (max. 5 min.),
  • the reading of a prosaic text of your choice (max. 5 min.),
  • giving a short address, prepared on site, with an appellative character, according to cue sheet (max. 5 min.).

You do not have to present these texts from memory. 

Evaluation principles of the selection process

Vocal capabilities:

  • The capability for physiological use of the voice in the presentation and conversational situation.
  • Max. 10 suitability points

Speaking capabilities:

  • The capability to articulate adequately to the situation in the presentation and conversational situation and to design the overall speaking process.
  • Max. 10 suitability points

Speech pronunciation capability:

  • The capability to design different texts adequately to their text type and to intentionally employ vocal means.
  • Max. 10 suitability points

Elocutionary capabilities:

  • The capability to formulate a train of thought in an organized, structured and target group adequate manner.
  • Max. 10 suitability points

The examination is passed – that is, there is particular suitability – if a suitability points total of at least 32 is achieved.

Applicants who have successfully completed an equivalent selection process at another university can be exempted, in whole or in part, from the selection process. (see: Appendix 6, §6 of the examination regulations

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