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Klassische Philologie / Classical Philology (Master of Arts)

Program: Klassische Philologie / Classical philology
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters (120 ECTS points)
Start: winter and summer semester

The Klassische Philologie / Classical philology master's program imparts well-founded competencies, as regards content and methodology, in the field of classical literature and the fortification of the associated necessary linguistic skills. The totality of this knowledge is intended to qualify you to work independently in the field of Classical Philology, to independently integrate into philological problems, to critically and systematically analyze them and to develop new fields of research.

The Classical Philology program is characterized by:

  • Considered use of language,
  • Careful linguistic and content analysis of highly complex texts,
  • Paradigmatic individual interpretations, on the one hand, and the establishment and systematic handling of substantial problem contexts on the other,
  • Independent research and group work, including the presentation of compiled results.

The program is research-based and prepares you for a possible doctorate.

Major topics

In accordance with the major research topics of Marburg Classical Philology, the program works with the canonical texts of the Classical period upon which European cultural traditions in the sciences, literature, the arts and philosophy are based, and with the historical contextualization of these texts and their reception, on the basis of a thorough education in both classical languages.


Even if there is no explicitly defined professional field for a master's of “Classical Philology” outside of academia, the breadth of scholarly perspectives and the variety of associated scholarly fields correspond to numerous career opportunities for the acquired qualifications in other areas that are relevant for humanities scholars, such as the library sector, adult education, cultural institutes, museums, university and other scholarly administration, research management, scientific project management in institutions outside the university, cultural management, publishing, media.

  • Admission requirements

    Required university degree

    Degree from a subject-relevant bachelor's program in the field of Classical Philology or certification of a comparable domestic or foreign qualifying university diploma.

    Specialized modules in the field of Classical Philology totaling at least 60 CP must have been completed in the first professional qualifying degree. 

    The examination board can make admission contingent on additional academic performances and/or examination performances of 30 CP at maximum being produced. In this case, the program can be extended accordingly.

    Certifications of program-specific knowledge and skills to be submitted prior to admission German Skills:
    DSH 2

    Other language skills:
    Skills in Latin within the scope of the Latinum and skills in Greek within the scope of the Graecum are required.

    Admission Mode Direct admission is granted with complete fulfillment of the admission requirements.
  • Who can answer questions?

    Technical questions about your application


    Content-related questions about the program

    Dr. Brigitte Kappl
    Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6 D
    Room 05 D 05
    35032 Marburg
    Telephone: +49 6421/28 24618

    Office hours: Tues 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Central European Time) and by arrangement

    Formal questions about your application

    In case of formal questions about the application, please contact Master's Coordination with your application number (if available) at .

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