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Aufbaustudiengang Grundzüge des deutschen Rechts / Postgraduate Course Foundations of the German Legal System (Master of Laws)

Program: Aufbaustudiengang Grundzüge des deutschen Rechts / Postgraduate Course Foundations of the German Legal System
Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Program length: 1 years / 2 semesters (120 ECTS points)
Start: winter and summer semester

The "Aufbaustudiengang Grundzüge des deutschen Rechts / Postgraduate Course Foundations of the German Legal System" master program is directed to students who have already obtained skills in a jurisprudential program abroad. The program provides them with a better understanding of the German legal system. They not only gain insight into the subject matter, but can also independently choose their major focus. The objective of the program is to impart skills in German law. With these skills, successful graduates will gain a first entry into German legal subject matter.

The master program is comprised of subjects from the three fundamental areas of civil law, criminal law and public law. A study focus can be set according to one's own interests in these three fundamental areas - in connection with local options. In addition, the master student must complete a master's thesis (approx. 50 - 70 pages). After successful completion of the master's thesis and the oral master's examination, the master's student is granted the title Master of Laws – Postgraduate Course Foundations of the German Legal System by the designated master representative of the department.

Major topics

The in-depth area enables students to set their major topic. The in-depth studies are divided into the areas of public law, public law and civil law, civil law and criminal law. They provide students with deeper insight into German law.


Professional fields can be found in the legal departments of national and international companies, among others.  Work in the independent environment or at NGOs is also possible.

Furthermore, a subsequent doctorate or work at scholarly research institutions are also possible.

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    Required university degree

    Certification of a degree from a discipline-relevant bachelor program in the field of Legal Sciences / Legal Studies at a foreign university that comprises at least 240 CP or certification of a comparable foreign qualifying university diploma.

    If foreign educational evidence is submitted that certifies fewer than 240 CP but at least 180 CP according to the applicable evaluation proposals of the Central Office of International Education, the examination board will make admission contingent on additional academic performances and /or examination performances of up to 60 CP being produced in order to compensate for the lacking CP. In this case, the program can be extended accordingly.

    Certifications of program-specific knowledge and skills to be submitted prior to admission German skills:
    DSH 2
    Admission procedure and program-specific documents to be submitted Direct admission is granted with complete fulfillment of the admission requirements
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    Please note that due to the current health situation related to the corona virus, all personal consultation hours are unfortunately cancelled until further notice.


    Technical questions about your application


    Content-related questions about the program

    Dr. Petra Zrenner
    Department of law
    Universitätsstraße 6
    Savignyhaus, Room 302
    35032 Marburg
    Tel.: 06421/28-23102

    Formal questions about your application

    In case of formal questions about the application, please contact Master's Coordination with your application number (if available) at .

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