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International Development Studies (Master of Arts)

Program: International Development Studies
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters (120 ECTS points)

The "International Development Studies" master's program is a research-oriented program that deals with development processes in selected global regions from interdisciplinary and multi-paradigmatic perspectives.

The goal of the program is to teach theoretical and methodological approaches to development research and to practice both critical perceptual patterns and practical analysis competencies.

Major topics

Like hardly any other program, the "M.A. in International Development Studies" offers the possibility of combining an individual major topic in the training with a well-founded methodological competency in the developmental-theoretical and political area, as well as of acquiring profound knowledge in economic and sociological theories.


Jobs appropriate to the education are possible in the following professional fields:

  • Development collaboration (through private or public, national or international funders)
  • International organizations
  • International commercial enterprises (industry, trade, banks, financial services)
  • Science (universities, research institutions)
  • Jobs for public agencies or non-governmental organizations in the non-profit area
  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Admission requirementsAdmission requirements

    Required university degree

    Certification of completion of a degree from a subject-relevant bachelor's program in social or economic studies, or certification of a comparable domestic or foreign qualifying university diploma.
    The degree must include the following subject components:

    a) Either sociological fundamentals of at least 60 credits or
    b) Economic studies fundamentals of at least 60 credits or
    c) Sociological and economic studies fundamentals (in combination) of at least 120 credits.

    Furthermore, 12 credits must be certified either in the field of sociological methodology (e.g. empirical social research, statistics) or in the field of economic studies methodology (e.g. mathematics for economic studies, statistics, econometrics). The 12 credits can be included in the subject portions required above. If the 12 credits are not included in the subject portions, they must be additionally certified.

    Certifications of program-specific knowledge and skills to be submitted prior to admissionGerman skills:
    DSH 2

    English skills:

    Certification of skills in the English language at Level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    and skills in another modern foreign language, Level B1, of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    Admission procedure and program-specific documents to be submittedEligibility assessment process
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    Technical questions about your application


    Content-related questions about the program

    Valentina Gaus
    Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6
    Room 00 M 007
    35032 Marburg
    Tel.: +49 6421/28 25619 (Mondays from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. via phone)
    Fax: +49 6421/28 28991

    Formal questions about your application

    In case of formal questions about the application, please contact Master's Coordination with your application number (if available) at .

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