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Wirtschaftsgeographie / Economic Geography (Master of Science)

Program: Wirtschaftsgeographie / Economic Geography
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Program length: 4 semesters / 2 years (120 ECTS points)
Start: winter semester

In the Wirtschaftsgeographie / Economic Geography master's program, you will acquire in-depth knowledge in the subject of Geography. The instruction content relates to competencies and methodological skills in Economic Geography and its various subfields. You will acquire scientific and methodological skills in order to be able to describe, analyze, explain, evaluate and forecast socioeconomic processes from a multi-scalar, theory-driven perspective. The program focuses on the acquisition of theory-based analytical knowledge and the reinforcement of occupationally related problem-solving skills. Integrated work processes are taught in ideal-typical progression in combined scientific-methodological modules with project-like nature. The integrative problem-solving is not an end in itself, but instead is aligned toward the practical application of this perspective in later professional work.

Major topics

  • Globalization of innovation and knowledge,
  • Socioeconomic globalization,
  • Innovation and growth in space,
  • Methods and empirical social research and
  • Modeling and simulation.


The skills and knowledge acquired in the geographical subject and method modules are complemented and enriched by external elective and profile modules and by an external professional internship, which additionally reinforces the vocational orientation, and can be used particularly in the following professional fields:

  • (Regional) Economic policy and business development
  • Innovation and knowledge management,
  • International management,
  • Science, research and research management,
  • Spatial planning in the broadest sense.