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Study with chronic and/or mental illness or specific learning disabilities

Initial situation

Students with a chronic and/or mental illness as well as those with specific learning disabilities face many barriers in their studies, often resulting from the “invisibility” of the condition and a lack of knowledge of the environment. According to a 2016 study by the German Student Union (“Best2-Study”: — which surveyed students at more than 400 universities in Germany — approximately 1 in 4 students falls into this group. This group is just as big at Philipps-Universität Marburg, which is why the Service Center for Students with Disabilities offers individual and personal advising to help reduce existing barriers to study.

Advising services

We provide support and assistance with:

  • Problems with study financing (application and appeals procedures);
  • Applying for study assistance;
  • Planning, organizing and implementing an efficient course of study;
  • Coordinating individual accommodations or modifications of the degree program and examination rules;
  • Disability-related hardship situations (e.g. study delays);