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Intensive German Language Class

We send out a short placement test before you leave for Germany. You will be individually placed in courses in Marburg that match your abilities.

In our German classes, all aspects of language will be covered: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Classes are taught in German. Students will be integrated in the ongoing language courses for international students.

Class times: Monday to Friday, 9 am until 12:50 pm.

Culture Class (40 contact hours):

In this course students will have the chance to practice and enhance their previously acquired German skills. The course will focus on the topic of Germany Today and work with current German literature, newspapers, movies, music, and other media to give students an opportunity to practice:

  • Their listening skills by watching and listening to various forms of media.
  • Their speaking skills by discussing topics in class and do presentations.
  • Their writing skills by working on short essays, reports and diary entries.
  • Their reading skills by working with excerpts from books, newspaper articles and essays.

Field Trips

These excursions will complement your studies and get you out of the classroom:

Heidelberg, January
Berlin, April 
Dresden, May

Please note that the information above might be subject to changes. We will update everything accordingly.