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Fees and Registration

Program fee for one semester: € 7,850

The application process involves an online registration, where the following can (and must) be uploaded:
- letter of motivation (appr. 100 words),
- proof of English language competency (only if English is not native tongue)
- the payment information for our registration deposit of € 700 (if applicable).

All relevant information on required documents and payment methods can be accessed through the Application Form.

Program calendar
In order to make it possible for international students to take part in our program, it was necessary to adapt our academic year to meet their needs. This means that IUSP participants will be able to return to their home campus and continue their studies without missing out on the semester on their home campus following the IUSP semester in Germany.

IUSP participants can enroll for one or two semesters.

*Special conditions for applicants from Marburg's partner institutions and from ISEP.

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