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The IUSP is a fee-based program. 

  • Program

    Program Fee for one semester: € 7,850

    This divides into

    € 2,200 for tuition, including:

    • Language course (120 hours)
    • German History and Culture course (56 hours), including course-related trips/tours
    • 2 seminars (48 hours each) of your choice
    • Conversation class (36 hours)

    € 5,650 for room, board, service etc., including:

    • Course material for the intensive German class
    • Cultural program (Weekend trips: Hostel, breakfast and guided city tours are included in the program fee, some of it counting towards classes, see above)
    • Meal subsidy (comes in the shape of a cafeteria debit card, charged with € 50 per month) Please note that we do not have a meal plan!
    • Semester administration fee including ticket for free public transport
    • Local bus pass for the time before the validity of the semester ticket
    • Accommodation (single room in one of our student dormitories, plus cleaning fee. If you do not need accommodation through us, we deduct € 800 from the program fee.)
    • Health insurance*
    • Assistance through program team

    Partners of Marburg University: There are special conditions for students from Partner Institutions of Marburg University with student exchange agreements. Please contact your International or Study Abroad Office.

    A change in regulations obliges us to insure all program students in the German national health insurance (PDF). Students cannot buy insurance elsewhere - it will not be accepted for the visa.

  • Other

    • Travel expenses
    • Meals and beverages
    • Personal spending
    • Refundable deposit for your dormitory room of up to € 250* (can ONLY be paid in cash)
    • Fee for the issuing of a student visa (appr. € 100) and the required biometric photograph (€ 10 - cash only)
    • Additional seminars (€ 230)
    • Class literature if not provided as copies/library books

    For Partner students staying for two semesters: dormitory rent between two IUSP semesters (€ 375)

    *The key deposit, which must be paid during the first week, will be refunded when you have returned your room keys and your room is left in an orderly manner.

    Please make sure that you have enough cash with you to cover the first few days in Marburg, including some money for food and beverages. Please note that foreign currency CANNOT be exchanged at the banks here in Marburg!

  • Financial Aid

    The University of Marburg does not offer financial aid.  The following links are just ideas of where you can look:

    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    Scholarship Portal:

    Gilman Scholarship:


    Fin Aid:

    Study Abroad Loans:

    International Student Loan:

    Study abroad:

  • Cancellation / Notes on Payment

    The registration deposit will be deducted from the fee upon your arrival in Marburg. A place will not be reserved for you until we have received your registration deposit. Please note the following carefully: All payments (first and second instalment) can only be made by means of bank transfer. Students must check with their bank on how to handle this. All payments must be made in Euros (€). We do not accept checks of any kind.
    Please note that students are required to assume all fees associated with such a transfer of funds. Any (small) fees remaining on a participant's account with IUSP as a result of uncovered transaction fees or currency conversion shifts are to be taken care of by means of cash payments on-site after arrival. Larger unpaid amounts would need to be covered via a bank wire.
    The balance of your fees must be paid by July 31 for the Fall semester / January 31 for the Spring semester (bank transfer). Only small remaining fees (up to 50 €) can be paid in cash on arrival day.
    Please note: If for any reason you choose to cancel your IUSP registration, the registration fee is non-refundable.
    See also: Conditions of Participation