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If you would like to register for MO:VE, please be so kind and complete our online application form:

Lecture period in the Summer term 2024: April 15 - July 19, 2024
Our application period for the Summer term: February 1 - March 19, 2024

Lecture period in the Winter term 2023/2024: October 16, 2023 - February 9, 2024 (winter break: December 23, 2023 - January 5, 2024)
Our application period for the Winter term: August 1 - September 19, 2023

Please note that this program is free of charge for students from partner universities.

  • Application Process: Step by Step Guide

    Required documents:

    application form: signed and sealed by the home university (document can be downloaded from application portal during the online application process)

    Step by Step Guide

    Please complete all the steps (see below), otherwise we cannot process your application!

    1)      Click on the Link “Application Form” and fill in the online application.

    2)      You’ll receive an email with your log in name and a link to our online portal.

    3)      Following the link, you’ll be asked to log in with your log in name and your birthdate, then you will have to set a password for your account.

    4)      With this password you can enter your workflow of our online portal. Please complete the following steps:

    ·         Complete personal details

    ·         Download the orientation brochure

    ·         Download/print the application form

    ·         Upload the application form signed and sealed by your home university and signed by you


    Your application will be reviewed by the MO:VE team.

    If you got accepted you’ll receive an email with your Letter of Acceptance.