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  • Rolf K. Wegst

Hessen International Winter University (IWU)

„Scientific challenges in the global village: From climate change, pandemic viruses to multi-resistant pathogens”

  • 3-week short term program (January 9-27, 2023)
  • Subject course and intensive German language
  • Knowledge of German not required

Today’s world is characterized by major challenges such as climate change. Besides global warming, emerging pandemic virus diseases such SARS-CoV2 and a steadily increasing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens appear as major threat in the health care systems. These challenges have been creating major impacts on societal as well economic aspects in a growing globalized society. What all of this implies and how these challenges can be tackled through the combined knowledge of natural sciences and medicine will be discussed during our program.

The IWU 2023 will take place from January 9 - January 27. Further info will follow soon. Registration will open on October 5th.