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For Erasmus students - Digital Learning Agreement/ Transcript of Records

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Definition of terms:

  • What is a digital Learning Agreement?

    The digital Learning Agreement lists the courses you will be taking at Philipps-Universität Marburg and plan to receive credits for at your home university. The Transcript of Records is based on the digital Learning Agreement or your digital changes to the Learning Agreement, i.e. without a digital Learning Agreement you will not receive a Transcript of Records! The digital Learning Agreement must be generated in your home university’s respective electronic system and sent electronically to Philipps-Universität for signature. Your departmental coordinator in Marburg reviews the digital Learning Agreement and returns it signed (through EWP) to your home university.

  • What is a Transcript of Records?

    The Transcript of Records is based on the courses in your digital Learning Agreement or the changes to your Learning Agreement and is the official document for the recognition of your ECTS by Philipps-Universität. You and your university will receive the transcript by email. Each student receives a single transcript at the end of the stay, i.e. if you stay in Marburg for two semesters, you will receive the document at the end of the second semester.

    (For exceptions see "Are you studying two semesters at Philipps-Universität Marburg?)

How do I obtain my Transcript of Records?

Do you need a Transcript of Records at the end of your exchange program? If so, follow these steps:

Your tasks

  • 1. Before courses start

    Please create your digital Learning Agreement before your arrival in Marburg. The digital Learning Agreement is an overview of the courses you would like to take - both in the departments and at the Language Centre of Philipps-Universität Marburg. Please discuss the courses in advance with the departmental coordinator of your degree programme at Philipps-Universität Marburg and then enter all courses into your digital Learning Agreement. Please use the system provided by your home university to create and electronically submit your digital Learning Agreement.

  • 2. During the semester

    Please make sure that your digital Learning Agreement is up-to-date after the start of the semester. If you want to make changes to your Learning Agreement, please do this digitally. Follow the same procedure as for the original digital Learning Agreement. You have 4 weeks after the start of the semester to submit your digital changes. Your Transcript of Records will now be based on the courses included in the digital changes to your Learning Agreement.

    If you do not have the possibility to submit a digital Learning Agreement, you will have to create a “Belegliste”. In this case, you will be moved to the freemover pipeline in Mobility Online.

    Please make sure that your “Belegliste” only contains courses that you have actually attended analogue to your Learning Agreement or your Changes.

    Please inform us in good time if you are unable to send a digital Learning Agreement. We will then arrange the necessary steps so that you can create your Belegliste.

    Attention! At this time, all Erasmus+ students who stay here for two semesters (winter and summer semester) only enter the courses and do not yet submit them bindingly. In this case, the binding submission of the courses will only take place at the end of the summer semester!

  • 3. At the end of courses

    At the end of a course, ask your instructor to notify the departmental coordinator immediately about your participation and grade.

    The list of department coordinators can be found here.

Our tasks


  • Please do not forget to add the language courses that you are taking at the Language Center of Philipps-Universität Marburg. 
  • Please enter all course details carefully and correctly on your digital Learning Agreement. You may not change the number of ECTS points. Only use the course details as recorded in the course catalogue. ECTS details that you have changed will not be accepted.
  • If it is technically not possible for you to submit a digital Learning Agreement, we will provide you with an alternative way to obtain the Transcript of Records. This is currently still in the works. We will inform you as soon as further information is available.

Will you be studying two semesters at Philipps-Universität Marburg?

Exchange students who are planning to study for two semesters while enrolled in the same program at Philipps-Universität Marburg:

  • Create a new digital Learning Agreement for your second semester in Marburg.
  • You will receive the Transcript of Records at the end of your stay. If you study in Marburg for two semesters, you will receive a single document at the end of the second semester.   
  • Exception: If you study over two academic years (summer semester + winter semester) at the University of Marburg, you have to create a digital Learning Agreement for each application in Mobility Online. Thus, you will receive two Transcript of Records at the end. One after the first and one after the second semester.

Exchange students who study two semesters but with two different programmes at Philipps-Universität, for example, the first semester with one programme (e.g. Erasmus+) and the second semester as a freemover:

You will receive two Transcripts of Records. One after the first and one after the second semester.

Please note! If you change the program the second semester (you are Erasmus in the first semester and in the second semester you are e.g. Freemover), please read carefully the information on the website for e.g. Freemover students, because the transcript procedure is different.                     

For questions about the Transcript of Records please contact the International Office (Mrs. Elisa Saresera).
For questions about the courses and the course registration, please contact your departmental coordinator.