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Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Uwe Linne

Faculty of Chemistry
Hans-Meerwein-Str. 4, 35032 Marburg
Phone: +49-6421 28 25618 (office) or 25526 (lab)


The mass spectrometric Core Facility at the faculty of Chemistry supports your research competently with the analysis of small molecules up to intact proteins.

Sample submission

For mass spectrometric samples the is an online submission form available. Please note that there are different forms for small molecules ( and protein analytics (
For login data please ask you colleagues or us. Login data can also be found within the UMRnet:
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any problems filling the forms.Additional information


For consumables we charge some money for the measurements. A table of the costs for the different types of measurements can be found here. We usually send invoices to the corresponding group leaders two times a year for samples measured within January – June and July – December.

Additional information

Please find more detailed information here. (currently this additional information is only available in german)

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