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XSpace Game Lab (group room 50)

Photo: Aaron Beller

The XSpace Game Lab is located on level 2 of the University Library (Show location).

Equipment and application scenarios

For all application scenarios, we will be happy to advise you on the best hardware and software solutions when planning courses, research projects, etc. and make these available to you.

  • Gaming workstation with 32 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 3070
  • Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptops
  • Consoles (PS 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X)
  • KAT VR - Walk mini s with VR glasses HTC VIVE Pro 2
  • VR glasses Pico Neo 3 Pro
  • AR glasses HoloLens 2Headphones K 271 MK II
  • Viewing games for scientific research

    The XSpace Game Lab makes it particularly easy to view games for scientific research. You can use the available gaming PCs, consoles and VR headsets to test the various game titles provided. For example, historical representations in computer games can be analysed or intermedial comparisons of genre-typical locations, characters or narrative patterns can be made. For special VR games, you can also use the KAT-VR, a multidirectional treadmill that provides a particularly realistic gaming experience.

    Equipment required: Gaming PC/console/VR glasses, controller, headphones

  • Recording game scenes

    If you want to record game scenes for the purpose of research, teaching and studying, the XSpace Game Lab offers you exactly this possibility. Recordings can be made from PCs, consoles and VR headsets. 
    We will be happy to advise you on the exact use of capture cards or other hardware that enables recordings in 4K, as well as on the best software for your purposes.

    Equipment required: Gaming PC/console/VR glasses, controller, elgato HD60 S+ capture card, headphones

  • Modifying games

    Many game manufacturers already provide direct interfaces for modifying the original game by creating your own scenarios, for example. For example, games about historical events and contexts can display alternative courses of human history (e.g. Civilisation, Total War). If you want to create such alternative scenarios or other modifications, the XSpace Game Lab is the right place for you.

    Equipment required: Gaming PC/console/VR glasses

  • Displaying your own exhibits using 3D scans

    If you would like to add your own 3D models to game modifications or VR/AR applications, we will show you how to model them yourself. Incidentally, in addition to the XSpace Game Lab, the UB also has the  XSpace Open Lab with a 3D scanner.

    Equipment required: Gaming PC/console/VR glasses, 3D scanner

  • Designing VR applications

    If you want to create virtual realities or physical or logistical simulations, we can supply you with the technology you need, for example for virtual laboratory experiments that minimise the effort and potential dangers of real experiments or for reconstructions of historical or no longer accessible real locations.

    Equipment required: Gaming PC/console/VR glasses, KAT VR - Walk mini s


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