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The XSpaces offer you a wide range of services.

Game Lab and Open Lab:

  • Advice

    A differentiated counselling service guarantees support for users in all aspects of using VR/AR or electronic games or working with/via these technologies/media. Examples include counselling on the use of specific hardware and software as well as on the possibilities of their operation in staff offices, lecture and seminar rooms.

  • Borrowing

    Members of the university are offered the borrow of selected hardware and software for research and teaching purposes.

  • Sighting or utilisation on site

    Members of the university are given the opportunity to view and use applications on the topics of their choice. If required, you will receive support with the selection of hardware and software, but also with the operation of the respective titles/applications. Using appropriate additional hardware and software, it is possible to record interactive sequences from the respective applications in a suitable form, for example to enable further analysis or processing in courses. Viewing and use can take place both in individual bookings or reservations of the rooms or equipment as well as in the regularly offered "Open Lab" formats, in which corresponding titles/applications can be presented and tried out on a topic-related basis.

  • Training courses/workshops/lectures

    Corresponding training and workshop formats make the respective technologies accessible at different levels and for different target groups and demonstrate utilisation scenarios for their practical application in research and teaching. In addition, corresponding university courses are also supported or (co-)offered by the staff of the Media Centre. These events can also be held on the Media Centre's premises.

  • Support in the planning and realisation of research projects

    In the XSpaces, research projects can be supported throughout the entire project life cycle. Corresponding services can include help with the selection of titles to be analysed and their procurement, the research of trainers, cheats and save states to facilitate the analysis work, or support with the recording of video sequences from the respective applications. In addition, the regular "Open Lab" events in particular offer researchers the opportunity to exchange ideas on relevant topics across disciplines, to network and, if necessary, to further develop project ideas together. Finally, support with the publication of research results can be provided in cooperation with the eResearch Service Center and the open access publication services of the University Library. 

  • Support in the creation of prototypes and/or modifications

    For VR/AR applications and scenarios as well as for electronic games, basic support can be provided for the creation of prototypes or modifications of existing applications/titles. Appropriate software for comparatively low-threshold creation/modification is available in the labs; in parallel, corresponding libraries for software and data material will be successively built up and made available to users in a suitable form (e.g. via internal university repositories).

  • Contact

    Media center of the University library
    Tel.: +49 6421 28-25140

Creative Space:


Support from NIDIT and the "Zukunftswerkstatt" (Future Workshop for Digitally Supported University Teaching)