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Completed PhD Dissertations

Title of PhD Dissertation
Date of Defence
Current Employer
Dr. Duncan Roth
Cohort Size and Labour-Market Outcomes 20.12.2016
Institute of Employment Research
Dr. Tom Gobien
Essays on Asymmetric Output and Pricing Decisions of Manufacturing Sectors in the Euro Area 11.05.2016

Dr. Shima'a Hanafy
Empirical Studies on FDI and Political Economy in Egypt 03.02.2016

Dr. Britta Niehof Five Essays on International Spillovers of Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Financial Markets 17.04.2015 German Aerospace Center (Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrtgesellschaft)
Dr. Vimaly Savannarideth
The Transmission of Monetary Policy in the Lao People's Democratic Republic

Dr. Sondos Shaheen
Social Uprisings: Conceptualization, Measurement, Causes and Implications

Dr. Florian Neumeier
Political Leaders' Characteristics, Voters' Preferences, and Fiscal Policy
CES ifo Group Munich
Dr. Matthias Uhl
Fiscal Policy and Economic Activity
Deutsche Bundesbank
Dr. Mohamed Ismail Sabry State Business Relations: Networks, Institutions and their Effect on Growth and Cronyism 13.05.2013

Dr. David Büttner
Studies on Financial Markets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland
01.04.2011 Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
Dr. Matthias Neuenkirch Studies on U.S. and Canadian Central Bank Communication 30.10.2009 University of Trier

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