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Matthias Göcke
A One-Sector Model with Learning-by-doing, Investment, Leisure, and Optimal Growth

Ramin Dadasov and Oliver Lorz
Mode of International Investment and Endogenous Risk of Expropriation
Review of International Economics, Vol 21 (5), 2013, 974-985
Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt
Mapping Constitutionally Safeguarded Judicial Independence - A Global Survey
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 11, 2014: 159–195
Johannes Paha
Empirical Methods in the Analysis of Collusion
Empirica 38, 2011: 389-415
Jan-Christoph Rülke and Peter Tillmann
Do FOMC Members Herd?
Economics Letters 113, 2011: 176-179
Ulrich Zierahn
The Importance of Spatial Autocorrelation for Regional Employment Growth in Germany
Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft 32(1): S. 19-43
Ivo Bischoff and Frédéric Blaeschke
Conditional grants to independent regional governments: The trade-off between incentives and wasteful grant-seeking

Matthias Göcke
Layoffs in a Recession and Temporary Employment Subsidies when a Recovery is Expected
Review of Economics – Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswisssenschaften 64, 2013: 73–83.
Matthias Neuenkirch
Managing Financial Market Expectations: The Role of Central Bank Transparency and Central Bank Communication
European Journal of Political Economy 28, 2012: 1–13
Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt
Endogenous Constitutions: Politics and Politicians Matter, Economic Outcome Don't
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 88(2013), 47-61
Markus Jorra
The Effect of IMF Lending on the Probability of Sovereign Debt Crises
Journal of International Money and Finance 31, 2012: 709–725
Martin Mandler
Explaining ECB and FED interest rate correlation: Economic interdependence and optimal monetary policy

Hans G. Nutzinger
Nobelpreis in Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Elinor Ostrom: Ein Überblick über ihr ökonomisches Hauptwerk

Anna Klabunde and Evelyn Korn
Parasites and Raven Mothers: A German-Japanese comparison on (lone) motherhood

Bernd Hayo and Hiroyuki Ono
Relative-Price Changes and Demand Factors in the Period of Quantitative Easing in Japan

Peter Tillmann Monetary Policy Committees and Model Uncertainty

20-2010 Bernd Hayo and Matthias Neuenkirch Bank of Canada Communication, Media Coverage, and Financial Market Reactions Economics Letters 115, 2012: 369–372
Christoph Bühren and Björn Frank
Chess players' performance beyond 64 squares: A case study on the limitations of cognitive abilities transfer
Talent Development and Excellence, forthcoming
Lena Calahorrano
Aging and Immigration Policy in a Representative Democracy
Scottish Journal of Political Economy 58, 2011: 589-606
Peter Tillmann
Strategic Forecasting on the FOMC
European Journal of Political Economy 27, 2011: 547-553
Christopher-Johannes Schild and Matthias Wrede
Cultural Identity, Mobility, and Decentralization

Matthias Busse, Carsten Hefeker, and Signe Nelgen
Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange Rate Regimes

Ramin Dadasov, Philipp Harms, and Oliver Lorz
Financial Integration in Autocracies: Greasing the Wheel or More to Steal?
Economics of Governance 14, 2013: 1-22
Jürgen Jerger and Jochen Michaelis
The Fixed Wage Puzzle: Why Profit Sharing Is So Hard to Implement
Economics Letters 110, 2011: 104-106
Martin Mandler Macroeconomic dynamics and inflation regimes in the U.S. Results from threshold vector autoregressions

Roland Kirstein & Georg v. Wangenheim
A Generalized Condorcet Jury Theorem with Two Independent Probabilities of Error

Emanuela Carbonara, Francesco Parisi & Georg von Wangenheim
Inexpressive Law

Andreia Tolciu & Ulrich Zierahn
Women and Work: What Role Do Social Norms Play?
International Review of Applied Economics, 26(6): 711-733 (2012)
08-2010 Martin Mandler
Regime-dependent effects of monetary policy shocks. Evidence from threshold vector autoregressions
Economics Letters, forthcoming
Johannes Paha
Endogenous Cartel Formation with Heterogenous Firms and Differentiated Products

Bernd Hayo & Stefan Voigt
Determinants of Constitutional Change: Why Do Countries Change Their Form of Government?
Journal of Comparative Economics 38, 283–305, 2010
Ivo Bischoff & Henrik Egbert
Social information and bandwagon behaviour in voting: an economic experiment
Journal of Economic Psychology 34, 2013: 270-284
Henrik Egbert & Andreas Hildenbrand
Der Coupon-Handelsansatz als Modell für eine subjektbezogene Finanzierung der Kinderbetreuung
Journal of Economics and Statistics (Jahrbuecher fuer Nationaloekonomie und Statistik), vol. 232(2), pages 116-128, March
Sebastian Schröer & Ulrich Zierahn
Die deutschen Ausbauziele für erneuerbare Energien: Eine Effizienzanalyse
Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik & Umweltrecht, Bd. 33 (2010), 1, S.83-108
Björn Frank
The effects of enforced reflection in three simple experiments

Carsten Hefeker & Blandine Zimmer
Central bank independence and conservatism under uncertainty: Substitutes or complements?
Journal of Macroeconomics 33, 2011: 595-606



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