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Bannergrafik (Conservation Ecology)
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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES on the research of the working group

[Februar 2017]: Thinking about Forest, Journal of Ecology: The Blog:

[September 2016]:
Forest fragmentation drives the loss of insectivorous birds and an associated increase in herbivory. Franziska Peter et al. got the Peter Ashton Prize for the outstanding paper in Biotropica by a student:

[Oktober 2015]:
Which consequences do management decisions have on protection of tropical ecosystems? Nina Farwig et al got the Biotropica Award of Excellence in Tropical Biology and Conservation for this publication: 


[May 2014]: What are the consequences of different management decisions on tropical forest biodiversity? A publication by Nina Farwig et al. is highlighted as "Editor's Choice" in the May issue of Biotropica:


[May 2014]: Forest disturbance threatens multiple ecosystem services in the last European old-growth forest - plants that loose their pollinators also loose their seed dispersers. Press release by the Philipps-Universität Marburg on a Publication by Jörg Albrecht et al. in Nature Communications:


[December 2013]: The loss of natural forests and invasive plants are severe threats to seed dispersal of subtropical forest trees by avian frugivores. Ingo Grass et al. report on their research in South Africa on the Oikos-Blog:


[July 2013]: Logging of the last old-growth forests of Europe threatens bird communities and forest regeneration dynamics. Scott Chamberlain, Associate Editor and Blog Editor of Journal of Ecology interviews Jörg Albrecht on his research:

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