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Bannergrafik (Conservation Ecology)
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Prof. Dr. Nina FarwigNina_Farwig_Bild2016
Group Leader
Phone: +49(0)6421 28-23478

Scientific interest

Biodiversity management
functional biodiversity research
community ecology, conservation
invasion biology, landscape ecology
movement ecology

I am a conservation ecologist whose research interest focuses on the role of biodiversity for ecosystem functionalityand thus in patterns, processes and dynamics of species, communities, interactions and ecosystems across natural and human-shaped landscapes. Further, I aim at using remote sensing technology to develop simple indicator systems for routine biodiversity monitoring across large areas.

  • Investigation of biotic interactions (e.g. pollination, seed dispersal, regeneration) at different spatial scales
  • Investigation of interaction between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the context human use
  • Development of sustainable utilization concepts for the protection of endangered species and the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem functions
  • Development of simple indicator systems, e.g. based on remote sensing, for biodiversity monitoring

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