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Bannergrafik (Conservation Ecology)
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R_PolandTeaching at University of Marburg:

  • Conservation – science & practice (MSc FM): The course gives an introduction to national and international conservation. Further, current issues in conservation of selected areas are discussed. Thereby, the workflow of a conservation project (design, methods, analysis, evaluation criteria) will be trained in a practical course in a selected area.

  • Conservation and Forests (MSc FM): The course gives an introduction to the basics of conservation in Central European forests. Further, relevant survey methods for assessing the status and functionality of forests are developed.
  • Conservation (MSc VM): The course introduces basic and advanced principles of scientific methods, with a specific focus on scientific writing and the discussion of current topics in conservation research.



  • Conservation ecology – from basics to application (BSc FM/VM): The course gives an introduction to the fundamentals of ecology and their relevance for conservation. It aims at discussing the theoretical background of conservation using a diverse set of current examples. The students conduct own projects in a European forest ecosystem to obtain a broad overview of experimental design, field methods, statistical analyses and scientific writing. Project work can be added to convert the FM into a VM.



  • Current trends in ecology (PM): The course introduces current methods and research projects in ecology. Further one-day field trips to selected areas are conducted.

  • Forensic Biology Topic entomological methods (PM): The course gives an introduction into fundamentals of forensic biology. It aims at training the theoretical background by means of exercises and a trip to the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden.

  • Colloquium Ecology, conservation, biodiversity: Within this colloquium all groups of the division ecology, conservation and biodiversity invite guests that present their current work. As such all students are able to gain insights into different theories, approaches and results.

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