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Bannergrafik Spezielle Zoologie & Evolution der Tiere
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Morphology and Evolution of Animals

Morphology and Evolution of Invertebrates

Prof. Dr. Monika Hassel

Scientific focus

Many different body plans (Baupläne) exist in the animal kingdom, which - at a quick glance - seem unrelated (e.g. corals, “worms”, insects or vertebrates). Molecular analyses provide, however, increasing evidence that signalling cascades relevant for normal pattern formation are used in the ancient freshwater Hydra as well as in vertebrates. Our research focuses on the evolution and functional conservation of signalling cascades, we teach our students the basal knowledge and advanced skills for later research in molecular evolutionary developmental biology.


Research focus:

  1. Evolution and functional conservation of signalling cascades, focussed on FGFR signalling
  2. Foot-specific genes in Hydra
  3. Development and evolution of excretory organs in Platynereis


Prof. Dr. Monika Hassel
Phone: ++49 6421 28 23408
Fax: ++49 6421 28 23407


Molecular Embryology

Prof. Dr. Annette Borchers

Scientific focus

(More information to come.)


Prof. Dr. Annette Borchers
Tel.: ++49 6421 28 26587
Fax: ++49 6421 28 21538
Annette Borchers

Dr. Martina Podleschny
Tel.: +49 6421 2826587
Fax: +49 6421 2821538
Martina Podleschny

Dr. Barbara Kostron
Phone: ++49 6421 28 22071
Fax: ++49 6421 28 28938
Barbara Kostron



Zoological Systematics and Evolution

Apl. Prof. Dr. Lothar Beck

Scientific focus

The scope of our research is fairly wide, including such diverse areas as animal phylogeny and systematics, biodiversity, marine biology, zoo research and behavioural ecology. Analyses of evolutionary processes (predominantly in molluscs, birds and mammals) are conducted by employing field techniques, morphological-anatomical, ethological and (to a limited extent) molecular-genetic methods. The fauna of hydrothermal vents ("black smokers") constitutes one of the main areas of research. An electron microscope laboratory as well as the Zoological Collection are under our care, both of which are used in research as well as teaching. Teaching focuses on functional morphology and phylogeny of invertebrates, zoological identification and systematics, animal adaptations, evolution of man and other mammals, field trips in marine biology (Sylt/ Germany: Wadden Sea, Giglio/ Italy: Mediterranean) as well as Fachdidaktik.


Prof. Dr. Lothar A. Beck
Phone: ++49 6421 28 23418
Fax: ++49 6421 28 28938

Dr. Anja Wasilewski
Phone: ++49 6421 28 23434

Dr. Sabine Dietrich
Phone: ++49 6421 28 23434

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