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Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus Masters Course "Transcultural European Outdoor Studies" ( M.A.)

  • The TEOS Master is a unique joint Master Degree delivered by the University of Cumbria (UK), the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (N) and the University of Marburg (GER).
  • The degree programme has an innovative character and has been designed as a peregrinatio academica, in which a study group remains together throughout the whole course of studies and spends a semester each at one of the three universities in England, Norway and Germany.
  • The TEOS study group will study together with students in the national curriculum but it has also its own modules.
  • Approximately 20 to 25 new students enter the programme each year in September.
  • There are approximately 50 students currently enrolled in the programme.
  • Students from Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States are currently enrolled.
  • TEOS consortium has associated partners in Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway and United Kingdom.
  • Each year visiting scholars from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and United States are teaching and supervising TEOS students at each faculty.
Rowing on the Neckar
Rowing on the Neckar

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