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You will have a single room in one of the university dormitories. Since Marburg has a historical center with mostly small, traditional houses, there is little space to accommodate the large number of students in the center of town.  That is why our dorms are situated outside the city center and can easily be reached by local bus lines or also by foot. 

Both female and male students live in the same dormitory.

Internet and Telephone

Almost all dormitory rooms are equipped with internet access. So please accept the fact that there might be the odd room without.

You will not have telephone, or television in your room.  In some cases, those services can be ordered, but not in all.  So that you can phone and text locally, and also so that you can be contacted by phone by your family and friends back home, we recommend the purchase of a pre-paid cell phone  after you arrive here in Marburg.  Please refer to "Your own phone" in the menu on the left.


In the dorm room there is a laundry washing facility, and there are common bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Please be prepared to bring with you or purchase upon arrival a set of plates, silverware, cup, bowl, kitchen towel, sponge for your own use.  The dormitory kitchens are actually supposed to be equipped with these items; sometimes, however, fellow students take them to their rooms, and the utensils remain there longer than they should.

You will also find laundry rooms in every dormitory building. Bed sheets will be provided, but you will need to bring your own towels with you.


You will receive your room assignment on arrival day. These assignments are a service by our colleagues of the dorm department (Studentenwerk). The IUSP team has no influence on where participants are being placed. This is subject to availability.

Accommodations are covered by the program fee. Private accommodations cannot be organized through the IUSP.


To view pictures of the dorms, click here.

Should you plan to come to Marburg prior to the official arrival date of the program, or should you want to stay beyond the official end date of the program, we recommend Marburg's youth Hostel or hotels.

During our weekend trips

We will stay in shared rooms at local hostels.

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