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KetzerbachThe Centre for Conflict Studies

The Centre for Conflict Studies (CCS) is an interdisciplinary institute of Philipps University in Marburg. It was established in February of 2001 and combines various teaching and research activities, which concentrate on central societal and international conflict areas. A charter regulates the responsibilities of the more than 110 current members from 15 different fields. The CCS cooperates with a large number of public and private institutions in Germany and abroad.

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The CCS currently has 138 members from many different fields. A list of all members is available, here. If you are interested in joining the CCS, please contact PD Dr. Johannes M. Becker.

For a leaflet with current information about the CSS, please click the link (PDF download)

Cooperation Partners of the Center for Conflict Studies

The CCS cooperates with the Interdisciplinary Seminar for Ecology and Securing the Future (ISEM), with which it organizes the seminar series on the conflicts in the present and future.

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