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Simulating Peace and Conflict

As part of our degree programs, we regularly offer simulations. This helps students develop a better practical understanding of the dynamics of a conflict situation and the peace strategies of German and international actors. We collaborate with many organizations, such as the German Federal Foreign Office (AA), the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Civil Peace Service (CPS), political foundations and various non-governmental organizations in the process of organizing and delivering the simulations to our students.

Conflict Intervention Simulation (Konfliktinterventionssimulation, KIS): The conflict intervention simulation is offered to students enrolled in the MA program Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. It is designed to enable participants to engage with the practice of de-escalation strategies.

Bringing Peace (“Rosania”): The Center for Conflict Studies has been offering the simulation game “Bringing Peace” since the winter semester of 2009/10. This is the first simulation in Germany that allows students to engage at different levels, with conflict escalation and peace processes. The simulation consists of three separate situations that take place in the fictitious country of Rosania. Between the games there are shifts in time and level. This helps students observe the circumstances that lead to the emergence of a violent conflict, which is then followed by initial peace negotiations and local attempts at reconciliation. This simulation was designed by “Planpolitik”.