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Conflict Intervention Simulation

The conflict intervention simulation is offered to students enrolled in the MA program Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. It is designed to enable participants to engage with the practice of de-escalation strategies.

At its core, the seminar consists of a two-day simulation in which the students assume the position of one of a total of 14 organizations involved in peace, development and human rights work. A real conflict is fictitiously escalated in the simulation and the students are required to develop conflict management strategies in the role of the respective organization. So far, students have worked to promote peace, development and human rights in Nepal, Uganda and Myanmar/Burma.

The course aims to contribute to the linking of science and practice, in which students not only learn de-escalation strategies for external conflicts theoretically, but also try them out in practice. In order to gain good insights into the possibilities and processes of action as well as into the organizational structures and challenges arising in conflict management, the students conduct guided interviews with representatives of the participating organizations prior to the simulation.