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Export Modules for Master and Bachelor Degree Programs

The Center for Conflict Studies offers export modules that students enrolled in other master and bachelor degree programs at the University may take. Special arrangements with the other involved departments or subjects are possible, but it is crucial that you adhere to all examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung, PO) that are applicable for your degree program. Please also note that the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Department 03) has deadlines for the application to the module-based final exams which must always be observed (for further details, consult the relevant section on the website of the examination office).

Export Modules for Master Degree Programs

Please consult the list of export modules from the MA Peace and Conflict Studies on the website of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

Export Modules for Bachelor Degree Programs

Export modules for bachelor degree programs underlie the examination regulations of the BA Sociology. For further information please have a look at the list of export modules for Bachelor degree programs