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Cooperation Partners

The Center offers an internationalized curriculum and teaching. Several bachelor and master courses are regularly offered in English. The master’s degree programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad, either by attending the first year of their studies at the University of Kent (UK) as part of the joint degree program or taking advantage of the many Erasmus relationships that both the Center and the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Department 03) have established. Both also collaborate extensively with select non-European universities under the auspices of the Erasmus+ program. The Center is also part of the University’s International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP), specifically associated with the bachelor degree program.

Erasmus Program

The Center for Conflict Studies maintains Erasmus relationships with the following universities:

Additional Cooperations

Aside from cooperative partnerships under the umbrella of the Erasmus program, the Center for Conflict Studies also collaborates with the following universities as part of the Erasmus Plus program, or on the basis of contractual agreements: