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Conferences and Events

The Centre for Conflict Studies organises various events which are briefly outlined here. You can find more information below, or click on the relevant topic pages for more detailed information.


Events organised by the Center for Conflict Studies in Co-operation with its partners                      

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The lecture series "Conflicts in           
the Present and Future"
organised by CCS and ISEM.

PD Dr. Johannes M. Becker
and Prof. Dr. Hans Ackermann
In 2012 the University Summer          
School will be taking an
interdisciplinary approach
to the theme "Peace and Conflict.
Near East and Middle East:
a European Perspective on
Political, Cultural an Economic
Aspects of the Arab Spring." The
programme will benefit from
competencies and synergies
between the two academic centres
at the Philipps-University:
the Centre for Conflict Studies (CCS)
and the Centre for Near and Middle
Eastern Studies (CNMS)

The Spring Academy on Secrurity
Policy is offered by the Rhineland-
Palatine Atlantic Academy
and the
CCS and provides opportunities
for discussion and information on
security issues with a variety of
lectures, panel discussions and
meetingswith experts from academia,
government and civil society actors.

Events Organised by the Center for Conflict Studies                           

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The Center for Conflict Studies
organises a biannual conference
highlighting specific research
In 2012, the theme of the
conference is:
"The Constitution of Peace.
Current Debates and Future

The Peter Becker Prize is awarded
every two years in order to support
the implementation of peace research
in practical projects. The prize was
first awarded in 2005, and has a 10,000 Euro endowment, making
it the most valuable prize for peace
and conflict studies in Germany.
The prize is donated by the Marburg
lawyer Peter Becker. 

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