01.12.2023 Forschungsaufenthalt Prof. Dr. Iris Vidmar Jovanovic (Rijeka)

Foto: Felix Welsch

Vom 08. - 17. Dezember 2023 wird Prof. Dr. Iris Vidmar Jovanović zu Gast am Institut für Philosophie sein. Während ihres Aufenthalts wird sie mit Prof. Ingrid Vendrell Ferran zusammenarbeiten und die Begriffe Empathie, Erfahrung und Phänomenologie untersuchen. Hier finden Sie eine Kurzbiografie von Frau Jovanović (in Englisch):

Iris Vidmar Jovanović is an associate professor and chair in aesthetics and epistemology at the department of philosophy, University of Rijeka. She was a secretary of the European Society for Aesthetics and is currently an associate editor of the journal Philosophia. She works primarily in philosophy of art, with particular interest in ethical and cognitive aspects of narrative art, in Kant's third Critique and in television aesthetics. She published extensively on these topics, and is currently working on a book dedicated to ethics and art. She is the principal investigator of the five years research project entitled  "Aesthetic Education through Narrative Art and its Relevance for the Humanities" financed by Croatian Science foundation.