International Conference | Philipps-University Marburg | 13-15 December 2018

Organised by Malte Hagener and Yvonne Zimmermann

Supported by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), hFMA (hessische Film- und Medienakademie), Philipps-Universität Marburg and Graduiertenkolleg “Configurations of Film”

Conference Venue: Philipps-University Marburg, Deutscher Sprachatlas, Pilgrimstein 16


The Histories of Film History conference aims at providing insight into the fabrication of film history and the discourses on its theories and methods in the past in order to contribute to a better understanding and critical reconsideration of film history today. The conference proposes a transnational, entangled and culturally diverse approach to the archaeology of film history, while paying specific attention to persons, objects, infrastructures, regions, institutional fields and events hitherto overlooked. With the historical explorations of the making of film history from the 19th to the 21st century the conference aims to revisit film history from a fresh angle that provides new insights into the theories and practices, the mechanisms and strategies involved in the on-going process of doing, undoing and redoing film history.



13 December 2018

2 – 3 pm Arrival and check-in
3 pm

Conference Opening

 3:15 – 5 pm

Temporality and Historiography

JANE GAINES (New York): The Historical Time Theory of Moving Picture History

NICHOLAS BAER (Chicago): Cinema and the Crisis of Historicism

Chair: Michael Cowan (St. Andrews)

5:30 pm

Film Screening

Film History on Television: A Case Study
presented by VOLKER PANTENBURG (Berlin)

7:30 pm Opening Reception


14 December 2018

 9 – 10:45 am

Film History in Action: Other Forms of Writing

TAMI WILLIAMS (Milwaukee): The 1920s French Avant-Garde: Film Historie(nne)s in the Making

BENOIT TURQUETY (Lausanne): A History of (Essential) Cinema: Programming, Collecting, Curating as History Writing

Chair: Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt)

11 am – 12:45 pm

Film History/Politics

FRANCESCO PITASSIO (Udine): Consistence, Explosion and the Writing of Film History

CHARLES R. ACLAND (Montreal): Lost Revolution: The Forgotten Legacy of British Cultural Studies on Film and Media History

Chair: Martin Loiperdinger (Trier)

12:45 – 2 pm  Lunch Break
2 – 3:45 pm

Methods – from the Margin to the Centre

MARIA VINOGRADOVA (New York): Amateur Film Enters Cinema Studies: Shifting Focus from Art to Practices and Artifacts

CATHERINE GRANT (London): What Film Studies For Free Taught Me: A Personal History of Participant Observation in Online and Open-Access Cinema and Audiovisual Media Scholarship and Research

Chair: Laliv Melamed (Frankfurt)

4 – 5:45 pm

Film History beyond US/Europe

JAMAL BAHMAD (Rabat): Beyond the Institutional Paradigm: For a Social History of Moroccan and North African Cinema

ARVIND RAJAGOPAL (New York / Abu Dhabi): The Strange Fate of the Documentary in the Global South: Notes on S. Sukhdev (1933-1979)

Chair: Rembert Hüser (Frankfurt)

6-8 pm

Panel Discussion: Beyond the New Film History

ERIKA BALSOM (London), THOMAS ELSAESSER (Amsterdam/New York), JANE GAINES (New York), TOM GUNNING (Chicago)

Moderators: Malte Hagener (Marburg), Yvonne Zimmermann (Marburg)


15 December 2018

9 – 10:45 am

Experiments in/and Film Historiography

ERIKA BALSOM (London): Experimental Film, Experimental History

ELEFTHERIA THANOULI (Thessaloniki): The History of Film on Film: Some Thoughts on Reflexive Documentaries

Chair: Kalani Michell (Frankfurt)

11 am – 12:45 pm

Digital Tools and Practices

ALEXANDRA SCHNEIDER (Mainz): A History of Failure; or: How to Revive a Failed Project Digitally

SARAH-MAI DANG (Marburg): Digital Film Historiography: Platforms, Tools, and Databases

Chair: Sonia Campanini (Frankfurt)

12:45 – 2 pm

Lunch Break

2 – 3 pm

Wrap-up and Summary

THOMAS ELSAESSER (Amsterdam / New York)