01.11.2022 Book Launch: The United Nations Trusteeship System – Legacies, Continuities, and Change

Join researchers from the Center for Conflict Studies and beyond to discuss their work and its relevance in global politics!

Date & Place: 10th of November, 6.00 – 7.30 pm (entrance from 5.45 pm),00/0020 Großer Hörsaal [Great Lecture Hall], Deutschhausstrasse 10

Countries like Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi share a past as former Trust Territories in the United Nations Trusteeship System after World War II. Their political and socio-economic histories and present-day continuities of conflict are deeply intertwined with the periods of colonial rule and subsequent UN supervision as part of a global wave of decolonization in the mid-20th Century. Yet, this process was contested and unfolded in divergent ways in various contexts, which raises the question as to whether and how colonial and imperial forms of ordering have been overcome in the international system.

This event introduces the newly appearing volume The United Nations Trusteeship System - Legacies, Continuities, and Change edited by Jan Lüdert, Maria Ketzmerick and Julius Heise (Routledge Global Institutions Series). Featuring two of the co-editors and three contributors to the volume, it will offer attendees valuable insights and reflection on the motivation, arguments and contributions of this volume to debates on international rule, the United Nations and the UN Trusteeship System in particular. The discussion is organized as part of the workshop “The Emergence of International Rule in the Era of Decolonisation” held by the subproject B05 of the Collaborative Research Centre “Dynamics of Security”. Instead of a classic panel discussion, the approach will be more informal and open, with editors and contributors initiating the discussion by sharing reflections and thoughts on specific aspects of this work, alternating with possibilities for the audience to join into this dialogue.

Maria Ketzmerick, University of Bayreuth
Julius Heise, Center for Conflict Studies
Thorsten Bonacker, Center for Conflict Studies
Margot Tudor, University of Exeter
Werner Distler, University of Groningen

Moderation: Philipp Lottholz, Center for Conflict Studies  

All are welcome.