24.04.2023 New Research Focus at the Center: Inequality and Distributive Politics

Photo: Taylor Brandon/unsplash

The Center for Conflict Studies ist delighted to announce a new Research Focus of the Center: Inequality and Distributive Politics.

This is a joint effort by researchers at the Center for Conflict Studies (Miquel Pellicer and Nils Strecker) and the Institute of Political Science (Eva Wegner and Leticia Barbabela). The group studies how societies deal with conflict over state resources, focusing particularly on the interplay between inequality, state policies, and political behavior.

The initiative is kick-started by two projects that have recently been awarded funding: a 4-year project on Politicians and the Reproduction of Wealth funded by the VW foundation, and a three-year project on Unequal Democracy in Brazil and South Africa, funded by the DFG.

The group has also created a website with resources for researchers and citizens interested in the topic. The website not only posts and explains the group’s research, but also provides a blog, a fortnightly research digest, and map resources on inequality and local politics in Marburg.