06.04.2021 Off-University: Registrations now open for Master students' course in Turkish

Foto: Ferda Fahrioglu-Akin

In the summer semester 2021, the Center for Conflict Studies offers in cooperation with the Off-University a course on "Turkey's Kurdish Issue: Dynamics and Transformation". The course will be taught in Turkish and is open for Master students who can also receive 6CP for successful participation.

The course is intended to provide students an introduction to Turkey’s Kurdish issue from Conflict Resolution perspective. It offers a wide analysis about Turkey’s Kurdish issue by focusing on its dynamics and transformations. Turkish State’s politics has changed toward its changing regional and global relations with the other countries. Kurdish society, including rebellion groups, also has changed and transformed toward those changes.

The teacher of the course, Ferda Fahrioğlu-Akın, finished her postgraduate studies at Hacettepe University with her thesis titled “Güvenlik ve Kimlik Bağlamında İnsan İhtiyaçları Teorisi’nin Türkiye’de Kürt Meselesine Uygulanması”. She earned her doctoral degree from the Political Sciences and International Relations Institute at Yıldız Technical University with her work titled “Devlet-dışı Aktörlerin Mikro Çatışma Çözümündeki Rolleri: Diyarbakır Örneği.” Her research areas are peace studies, conflict resolution and the Kurdish issue. Fahrioğlu-Akın was expelled from her position at Yıldız Technical University by the presidential decree no. 686 in reaction to her signing a Peace Petition that criticized the violent events in the Kurdish region.

The course will take place on Off-University's online secure platform Coworkingsquares. Please register for the course and to the platform here. Further information on the course are also available on MARVIN.