18.10.2023 The Centre Colloquium begins

The Colloquium of the Center for Conflict Studies (CCS) begins next Monday, 23.10.2023. Colleagues present research results, interim reports or new research projects in the context of peace and conflict. The colloquium serves the exchange of scholars from the CCS and from other Departments or Centers. This winter term, the programme in this year was organized by Miquel Pellicer and Nils Strecker.

Generally speaking, there are two lectures per date with sufficient time for questions and discussion. The colloquium takes place on Mondays at 12:00 sharp (s.t.) in the so-called "Dekanatsaal" (Room +2/140) of the Department 03 at Ketzerbach 63. Students and researchers are cordially invited.

Check out this year's programme here.